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Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

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Do you want to keep your kitty moving and happy even when you're not around? Introducing the Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy! This innovative toy features a tunnel-like coil with hanging prey on both ends, designed to captivate even the laziest feline. Encourage your precious companion to stay active, exercise, and engage their natural predatory instincts with this fun and stimulating toy.


🐾 All-Day Long Self-play Entertainment: Spiral tunnel-like coil with hanging mouse toy and feather for endless fun.
🏃 Promote Pet Health: Encourages exercise, agility, and mental stimulation for overall well-being.
😺 Pet-Friendly Design: Safe and comfortable for cats to play without any risk of injury.
🌟 Wide Application: No assembly required, lightweight, and suitable for various locations.
💪 Premium Quality: Made of durable, non-toxic materials for long-lasting playtime.


- Size (expanded): 25x65cm
- Style: 1-Yellow sisal / 2-Yellow mouse / 3-Yellow stripes / 4-Blue pompom / 5-Blue stripes / 6-Purple


1 x Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

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